Misconduct of Mr. Prosecutor

Misconduct of Mr. Prosecutor

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Crisz By Creiyyy Updated Sep 20

Note: Suitable for both young (teens) and adult readers. 

Warning: The story contains scenes that should not be imitated such as putting a person to shame and the like.


          She's extra beautiful, smart, talented, rich, famous, independent but somewhat hostile. She wanted to be a doctor but then she could only act as a doctor. Some of her plans didn't go the way she wanted it to happen but that led her to the success she has now. She couldn't ask for more but then life turned cruel and she has to suffer sudden downfall. One cruel fate brought her back to the memories and feelings she burried years ago. Now, she's facing the man she loathes so much as defendant while he's the prosecutor. 

          He would do everything just so she could spend her life in jail, it doesn't matter if it's illegal. He will give her a taste of her own medicine.