Miracle Child.

Miracle Child.

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TheSingingReader By TheSingingReader Updated Jun 02, 2015

An object is as strong as its weakest link, but so is a person. 

But then again, no one is perfect.

When you're slammed into the dark streets of life at a young age what do you do? You cope.

That's exactly what Cassandra Roqua did, she coped. No one taught her how to love, how to fight or how to be herself. She did it all on her own.

She was a hurricane disguised as a beautiful girl.

When she suddenly goes from all alone, to in all ways surrounded, how does that affect her? 

Could someone such as herself possibly be, dare i say, heartless?

BreakfestIsthisWay BreakfestIsthisWay Jun 28, 2015
Um I don't think your rib cage can tighten or that it needs to be mentioned that it's "tight"
TheSingingReader TheSingingReader Mar 10, 2015
@Darkthoughts001 Thank you so muchh and your story is great! I just hope that your opinion stays throughout the rest of the book x
Darkthoughts001 Darkthoughts001 Mar 10, 2015
Love your cover and your story is way more developed and entertaining than my sappy love story <3
bysevi bysevi Feb 23, 2015
An 11 year old girl can not work or sustain a living for herself. Her nanny is messed up
SatchmoB SatchmoB Feb 22, 2015
I assume it's his son she fights at the beginning of the story...
TheSingingReader TheSingingReader Dec 14, 2014
@DawnViollettSkyyVale Hahahahahahaha im glad! just tell me if there's anything that needs fixing or plot holes!