Finding Each Other ~Book 3 of Unexpected~

Finding Each Other ~Book 3 of Unexpected~

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Gabrielle By BurningFiree Updated Jun 07, 2017

I knew he didn't know what he was doing. He was confused, sad. I knew he didn't want to let go of me, and I didn't either. But he did anyways.

Seeing him everyday is just another wave of pain in my heart, knowing that I can't tall to him again, or touch him. Or even look at him, but I do when he isn't looking.

It just leaves me broken. 

How lucky I was to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

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lost_in_randomland lost_in_randomland Jun 18, 2017
Ugh this is getting annoying, JUST RALK TO EACH OTHER FOR FUCKS SAKES
Ugh. You know why she don’t even want to look at u? Do you EVER wonder why y’all never seem to see each other very often? (Anytime I criticize a character... it’s not your fault author)
Astrid12Haddockk Astrid12Haddockk Feb 14, 2016
If only they could read each others mind.. *sigh* if only.
RakinAshraf RakinAshraf Jul 10, 2016
Damit then u had boobs experience bitch sorry Astrid JUST kidding
southpaw1209 southpaw1209 Jul 27, 2016
Look you guys obviously still love each other and Hiccup stop being an idiot you know you guys risked your lives for each other more than one so just put it behind you like everything else and get back together!!!!!!
Bunnylover426 Bunnylover426 Aug 10, 2016
I have died every day
                              Waiting for you
                              Darling dont
                              Be afraid
                              Have loved you
                              For a thousand years
                              I'll love you for a thousand more...