South Park x Reader

South Park x Reader

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Got bored so I decided why not, I'll do this!~

Enjoy~ ❤️

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Kenny's blood is red
                              Life is really tricky
                              Believe me when I say
                              That escalated quickly
agzlovessports123 agzlovessports123 Nov 26, 2017
Every time Kenny dyes I can’t help but be sad/ cry because no one remembers that he died
ImNotAliveInside2 ImNotAliveInside2 Nov 25, 2017
Kenny: wait you do not have a bra
                              Clementine: Ya cuz im a dude 
                              HA YOU JUST GOT TRAPPED
                              Kenny: ._.
ImNotAliveInside2 ImNotAliveInside2 Nov 25, 2017
CloudHeadedPerson CloudHeadedPerson Nov 26, 2017
Me : I don't like where this is going
                              Me to me : Just stick to the approved dialog 
                              (My Theater friends will understand)
ImNotAliveInside2 ImNotAliveInside2 Nov 25, 2017
Clementine/me:  *does victory dance*
                              Kenny: oops wrong number
                              Clementine: *cries* oh ok