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I Hate You More (This Story Is Fictional)

I Hate You More (This Story Is Fictional)

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Islam Direction By IslamDirection Updated Oct 07, 2017

My name is Salsabeel Mahmoud and I am 19 years old.  I am that kinda of person who love kindness and prefer to forgive. I don't want people to say that I am good or anything. I just love to make them say after I leave the place "May Allah bless this girl with Jannah". 

I have always dreamed of that Muslim young handsome prince who will take me with him on his white horse *Just kidding* but I really dreamed of that Muslim man who will treat me like Allah asked him to. I want him to love me, to buy me flowers, to scream over a bridge 'I Love Salsabeel for Allah's sake' I know It's so cheesy but kinda I am. 
I have never guessed that I'll be destroyed like now. Here I am in my nightmare; my wedding day looking at myself in the mirror seeing through the makeup they put on my face; my tears fighting to come down. 
Here I am deciding to live a dead life. I don't know anything about him but that he has helped my father. 
For another heartbreaking fact he's already married to someone else, so I am the second wife. Maybe he's like 60 years old or something and I will live miserable life forever as I don't know if he'll treat me like prophet Mohamed (Peace Be Upon Him) treated his wives or not. 
I wished a lot that he's a good man but again I hate him already and I can't help it. 

Khalid Abu-Bakr; That famous business man, the man who will destroy my life, the man who is marrying on his wife not waiting for Allah to give him a child from her, the man who bought me with his money, the man who turned me from a queen in my father's house to nothing, the man who I will always hate.

Discover what will happen to Salsabeel in a house full of troubles, shocking facts, full of hatred and love. Will she survive in a battle she didn't sign for. Will she always hate Khalid or Will he become the love of her life and she'll become the one who helps him. Find in 'I Hate You More'

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humblehamidah humblehamidah Jul 09, 2017
Maa sha Allah... Baarakallahu Fiiik to the writer of this amazing story. I really gained from it
                              Ma'am, may I adopt your style of writing?  Especially the introduction?
kiatya kiatya Mar 22, 2017
Already married! I would have never said yes even in fiction no matter the situation or consequence. One can't expect others to respect them if they  don't have respect for themselves and can't even imagine destroying other woman's life like that intentionally.
BlueDuiker BlueDuiker Dec 21, 2016
May Allah bless you, your intention with this story seems pure :D
- - Feb 21, 2016
Salam! Great Starting Mashallah. I am a girl and I followed u haha! Anyways thnx for the reminder. Now I will always remember to pray first then continue whatever.
nafisabilal nafisabilal Aug 02, 2015
wait what is going on i was waiting for the next chapter what happened all i see is the book  all over again??
shaheekakhan shaheekakhan Aug 01, 2015
y dd u start it all over again?? i was waiting for the next chapter..nt new edition