Sentiment ➳ Sherlock x Reader

Sentiment ➳ Sherlock x Reader

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♔♕♖ ʎʇɹɐıɹoɯ ♗♘♙ By SeraSki Completed

(A Sherlock Holmes x Reader fanfic)
"Sentiment is a chemical defect found on the losing side." The mere thought of it would almost make him cringe. Almost. "The world is filled with vital experiences, and sometimes we have to travel to the losing side to get them."

You were a new pathologist at Bart's hospital working alongside your sister, Molly Hooper. Bart's paid well and you and Molly were excellent at your work. Everything is going swell, your even introduced to an annoying sociopath who flirts with your sister just to get info on a body for a crime. Everything changes when Molly goes missing, and your suddenly chasing a kidnapper. What happens when you are teamed with Sherlock Holmes to find who kidnapped your sister? You see different sides of Sherlock Holmes that you never had seen before...but are they good?

I know you little fangirls out there love your romance fills so I promise there will be romance.

ZoeyP03 ZoeyP03 Dec 29, 2016
The Doctor came out of nowhere and pulled me onto the TARDIS we went on an adventure and I died on it...
                              ...Ok that was pretty damn horrible
Bluepancakes17 Bluepancakes17 Dec 24, 2016
Sam and Dean came to take me on a hunt, and I jumped into the impala, became a Hunter and never came back
kencbi kencbi Dec 16, 2016
a lama came out of nowhere, kidnapped me and brought me to australia where i lived happily ever after
artista8150 artista8150 Jul 29, 2016
"Holmes… what a pleasure it is to see you," I said with venom dripping from my every syllable.
rose7637 rose7637 Jan 09
Mike shows up and tells me I'm the only person that can save Eleven. So I have to leave my true love aka Sherlock because Elevens life depends on it
Lookmommyitsafangirl Lookmommyitsafangirl Aug 26, 2016