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Fourtris Now and Forever: Divergent No War

Fourtris Now and Forever: Divergent No War

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jlynneb17 By jlynneb17 Updated Aug 09, 2016


Tris and Tobias [Four] push the boundaries of their relationship as it grows in a spin-off of Divergent where the Erudite never created the injection and didn't plot against Abnegation. They are taking it slow, as Tobias respects Tris's fear enough not to do anything. But will she be able to overcome her fear? Will she ever be able to admit to Tobias that she loves him? Or will she be too scared to entrust him with her innermost feelings?

This fanfiction stays as close to the books as possible and every character is kept in-character. No modern devices like phones are used. If you haven't read The Divergent Series, it may be hard to understand some material.

Suggestive language, sensuality, occasional explicit language, and drinking are scattered throughout the book- increasingly so in Chapter 30 and up. Nothing is too explicit that this book should be rated Mature. It is the equivalent of a high PG-13 movie rating. Everyone 12 and under is discouraged to read.

**Edit: If you enjoy high quality of writing, I urge you skip to chapter 30 or higher. Very few big plot changes happen up until that point. My writing skills have improved very much since the beginning of this fanfiction. Chapter forty and high really reflect my real writing right now. I'm actually ashamed of the first twenty five chapters at the moment. When this is completed, I will go back and edit the earlier chapters**

** Edit: OKAY let's not talk about this book 😂 Really embarrassed now [2/26/17] **

Tris thought the rankings were very unfair. She thought Four was very TOBIASED.
I thought that said Al is around and I got happy then I re read it, I like fourtris but Tris and Al would be a cute couple ngl
fallingforPanic fallingforPanic Nov 28, 2016
Ok well I totally ship Uriah and tris=Uris but fourtris no doubt
- - Sep 14, 2015
Thank you for christina's reaction to finding out they were dating. Most people make them annoying
- - Jul 06, 2015
This is a good book idk what you were talking about in the intro
-iliwys -iliwys Jul 02, 2015
FINALLY someone who doesn't get all of this modern shït in the books like iphones in dystopian future wtf