Only you~  Ai Mikaze X Reader

Only you~ Ai Mikaze X Reader

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Dogzcatzcrazy By Dogzcatzcrazy Updated Oct 09, 2016

(( I'm sorry if I Ai is too OOC!  °^° Bear with me, It's my first fan fiction on Wattpad! ))

Me and Ai had been best friends ever since we were children. We go to school together, and I am always happy to be around him. When he leaves me for any amount of time, the trio strikes. The trio, is a group of three girls, popular,  snobby, and filthy rich. Only Ai and the rest of Quartet Night could save me. 
How will I, ( Y/N), ever survive?

DragonTails415 DragonTails415 Nov 08, 2016
Bruh I make better insults than this chick. Like for real, "it should be icky, old mud!" really nigga??
NoTamers NoTamers Jul 02, 2016
It would be so cool if all of us wrote a short story and then another one would make another  part to that story tagging the person who wrote the last part
Otaku_love2004 Otaku_love2004 May 17, 2016
My family call me Dolly as a nickname because apparently I looked like a doll when I was little, and apparently I never blinked... Ughh... Creepy...
Cuteeeee But he turned into a Yandere Quickly tho!😂👌🏻💗
Reijilove Reijilove Aug 14, 2016
Quarter night is a quartet 
                              And the guy with white hair
Rising__Sun Rising__Sun Apr 26, 2016
If he's yandere I'm down with that. After all I like my men a little psycho. ;)