Supernova Games

Supernova Games

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strawberry-chan By strawberrykiller37 Updated Aug 01, 2010

Supernova Games;

Keira always dreamed about going into outer space. as a child, she longed to blast off in a rocket and leave the earth behind.
Well, she got her wish. 14 years later, she's the youngest astronaut (16) to be sent into orbit.
Too bad her calculations were off. Sucked into a blackhole, she finds herself in a whole 'nother dimension.

Welcome to Cosmos; Home of the Stars

Trapped, and aided with new Lyte powers; Keira struggles to let the Council agree to send her back to Earth. However, only Falling Stars can return back to earth. In order to become one...

She must win the Supernova Games: the race across the Galaxy.
An every-Star-for-himself-bloodbath that takes the Brightest Stars on a hellish race around the realm.

Little do they know that stars shine too brightly;
awaking the Darkness. 

  • black
  • blood
  • carmine
  • combat
  • cosmos
  • earth
  • fight
  • galaxy
  • guns
  • handtohand
  • holes
  • jessamine
  • lolli
  • mystery
  • neutron
  • plan
  • race
  • realms
  • reti
  • stars
  • strato
  • supergiants
  • viridian
  • vivian
sweetnose11082002 sweetnose11082002 Jun 23, 2014
Great story!
                              However, I find it extremely ironic that (through no fault of your own.) you use the name of my younger sibling.
                              What would be even creepier is if her middle name was Shea.
spiderweb1 spiderweb1 Nov 05, 2013
The video won't play for me. :(  Prologue is good though. :)
Frankie-sama Frankie-sama Aug 02, 2010
                              Thats a cliffhanger! Damn, a black hole?!?
                              Must keep reading.....
dearbeloved dearbeloved Jun 27, 2010
                               And I agree with captainjello, SO NOT A NICE PLACE TO LEAVE OFF... actually it was, cause it is more suspenseful and has kept me on the edge of my chair.
                              UPLOAD ASAP <3
- - Jun 27, 2010
D:< Ohnoes!! 
                              That cliffie sucked / rocked! It sucked 'cause I wanted more and rocked 'cause I wanted more. >:( Darn you, conflicting feelings!
                              Anyways, upload soon! Like now. <33
                              Poor Keira. She looooves Cooper. D: -Sad sad-
Ephemerrealityy Ephemerrealityy Jun 27, 2010
holy chipotle!!!! your description was fantastic as always. :D
                              but damn, i feel bad for Keira. its obvious she likes Cooper but... yeah, hearing someone say they see you as a sister can kill some emotions out of a person. -_-