Sirius Black // Fin

Sirius Black // Fin

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- Book One in the Maurauders Series -

Sirius Black and Gwyn Reich are a pair of troublemakers, always bickering and causing mayhem.

After a Quidditch commentary and a bit of blackmail, the two are forced to act as a couple, leading to admittance of feelings and discovery of secrets.

{cast, except for Sirius, based on the Marauders Era Dream cast on iMDb}

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rockingrobin123 rockingrobin123 Nov 29, 2016
Snape: *slivering in the corner* "what I didn't help her*.
                              Lily: "Severus.. Yes you did."
Smol_Beanz Smol_Beanz Oct 10, 2016
I love how everyone knew that 'se' meant 'serious', like what if the author was gonna write 'C'mon Remus, you can't be sexual'?
KatOnTheBox KatOnTheBox Dec 18, 2016
Gives her trouble. But she likes them. Those are the best teachers. I WANT A MCGONAGALL!!! PLEASE S SANTA CLAUS!!!
TopHatMusician TopHatMusician 13 hours ago
Remus: Sirius, drop it, bad boy!! Just because she's tiny doesn't mean she's a chew toy! Bad Sirius!
rockingrobin123 rockingrobin123 Nov 29, 2016
So I'm reading this in class and I hear my teacher say "this is serious." Then a classmate say "siruis black.". And I just wanted to jump up and yell "YASSSSS"
rockingrobin123 rockingrobin123 Nov 29, 2016
Harry: *reading this* "ooo!!"
                              Sirius: *snatches away* "who gave you that?!"
                              Me: "guilty!"