Zeref X Reader X Natsu A Fairy's tale

Zeref X Reader X Natsu A Fairy's tale

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#ForeverTrainingDragons By ForeverADragon101 Updated Mar 12, 2017



"A lost girl Frozen IN TIME. Found safe in the caves of meadow Valley. A three days walk from your guild to the east end of Magnolia

Unfreeze her and wake her up from her long sleep/ nightmare...

30,000 J


"Erza where did you get this? It wasn't on the request board," Natsu asked the red head.

 She sighed and crossed her arms closing her eyes "Mira gave it to me. She said that Makarov wanted us to do it."

"It doesn't sound to hard. We just need to melt the... I'm assuming ice? and make sure she isn't dead," Gray pointed out looking at the flyer.

 "But there's no name. What if she is dangerous or something?" Lucy wondered.

 "Then we report her to the magic council," Erza stated bluntly.

 "Alright... Lets go save this damsel in distress," Natsu pipped up fire forming round his hands.


****Train time skip****

"Are we there yet. I'm getting hungry," Natsu whined.

 "It's a three day trip so we will be s...

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Bunnygirl413 Bunnygirl413 Apr 10, 2017
Lets be real for a sec, I can f*cking beat you're ass Dragneel
LuckyLucyEatmon LuckyLucyEatmon Jun 23, 2017
I would be happy to use him as an example I wouldn't regret it at all!!#
xXAnakaiXx xXAnakaiXx 4 days ago
Me:No, we are heading to Meadow Valley
                              Somebody from the group of five: He just said that
                              Me: I know
Judal-kuroo-sama1 Judal-kuroo-sama1 Apr 20, 2017
Yes Lucy a very very descriptive bed time story. I mean it's sooooo not summarized at all😑😑
Psycotic123 Psycotic123 Mar 27, 2017
Is the skirt long or short because i would call (y/n) a sluty chicken right now -_- (im not talking about you people btw)
_HiXnc _HiXnc Apr 29, 2017
I find it amusing that people are triggered to wear skirts in a non-reality book. Your just wearing a skirt in a book!