Zeref X Reader X Natsu A Fairy's tale

Zeref X Reader X Natsu A Fairy's tale

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"A lost girl Frozen IN TIME. Found safe in the caves of meadow Valley. A three days walk from your guild to the east end of Magnolia

Unfreeze her and wake her up from her long sleep/ nightmare...

30,000 J


"Erza where did you get this? It wasn't on the request board," Natsu asked the red head.

 She sighed and crossed her arms closing her eyes "Mira gave it to me. She said that Makarov wanted us to do it."

"It doesn't sound to hard. We just need to melt the... I'm assuming ice? and make sure she isn't dead," Gray pointed out looking at the flyer.

 "But there's no name. What if she is dangerous or something?" Lucy wondered.

 "Then we report her to the magic council," Erza stated bluntly.

 "Alright... Lets go save this damsel in distress," Natsu pipped up fire forming round his hands.


****Train time skip****

"Are we there yet. I'm getting hungry," Natsu whined.

 "It's a three day trip so we will be s...

OLoneWolfieO OLoneWolfieO Jul 23, 2016
HMM.... Who could that be? I have no idea! (Note the terrible sarcasm)
IWishSoHardSometimes IWishSoHardSometimes Sep 26, 2016
*doing dramatic pose like tamaki*Help! Im a damsel in distress!;-;
iYoongay iYoongay Jan 31
You've got wet before knowing how you act and dress I'm sure of it
KCS1305 KCS1305 Jan 05
Well bish thanks for making me sound weak and shiat and devaluing me as a woman...T_T
TaehyungMahBoi TaehyungMahBoi Nov 28, 2016
Just near where i live, there was a fure right near our towns Tescos on 'the Tescos roundabout' 
                              SO KNOW IMMA THINKING FIREE
OLoneWolfieO OLoneWolfieO Jul 23, 2016
Omg same. I have bad motion sickness too XD 
                              Me: Natsu 
                              My friends: Lucy