Hana Hinata (Brothers Conflict / BroCon Fanfic)

Hana Hinata (Brothers Conflict / BroCon Fanfic)

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ⓒⓡⓨⓢ By crystalmediamond Updated Jan 17, 2016

Name: Hana Hinata

Age: 20

Nationality: Japanese/American.

Height: 173cm (5'8")

Family: Rintarou (adoptive father)

Ema Hinata (adoptive sister)

Real parents (unknown;deceased)

Hobby: Dancing, Singing, ballet.

Profession: Choreographer, model, dancer, (former) actor, and (former) singer, (former) composer.

Appearance: Hana has long, wavy, silky blonde hair that reaches a bit below her waist, but she ties her hair in either a messy bun or a neat bun. She has beautiful bright blue eyes, that were noted by Ema looked like two dazzling crystal blue pools. She has very pale skin, paler than Ema's. She has long legs and the perfect figure. (or to put it simply, look at the media)

Personality: Hana is kind, nice, helpful, artistic, motherly, sensitive, creative and since she's a dancer she's quite athletic and active.

Fun Facts:

-Dec 25, 1990 (Heck yeah! Her Birthday is on Christmas!!)

-Hana is a great cook and knows how to bake, since Hana lives alone she had to learn how to cook...

FernandaPinho5 FernandaPinho5 May 19, 2016
You are so pretty and your story is so nice !!!!! I want to have brown hair like you but I only have black or brown hair when my hair is wet !
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Betch Damon come here right now!! imma beat the broccoli out of you!!!
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Yo damon come here  let me knock your lits out 😡😡😡😡
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Dude its your own mind,body,and soul how did you NOT ment to hurt her hmmm
Ferbigflufyunicorn Ferbigflufyunicorn Aug 01, 2016
Im no one to say this...  but....the eyes and the hair are cool and well drawed , but the large of his head is.....just...no