Rejected By My Sexy Alpha (RBMSA)

Rejected By My Sexy Alpha (RBMSA)

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Tresell Tiffany Thomas By TresellTiffanyThomas Completed

Katalayah is the betas daughter, the only girl of his four kids. 
She has three older brothers and the only one who actually still cares for her and doesn't beat on her and emotionally tear her down at any given opportunity (everyday) is Shaun (her youngest eldest brother). 

Katalayah isn't one of the 'amazing' popular people, she isn't the biggest or strongest werewolf, she doesn't have a mate and doesn't have many friends. 
Her friends and brother are usually the only ones she can really talk to but what happens after she meets her mate and it turn out he's the Alpha?  
Will they be happy and fall in love or will he reject her, shattering her heart in the process?

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PotterMouth2 PotterMouth2 Jan 21, 2017
Bitch no one asked for your opinion so feel free to keep it to yourself at all time. Thanks you ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
x_Godzilla_x x_Godzilla_x Sep 25, 2014
I already know these lower case I's are going to kill me throughout the story.
TresellTiffanyThomas TresellTiffanyThomas Apr 04, 2013
@wattypappireader101 Thanks for that ! I' glad to hear it. :) @13littlewolf thanks for your opinion and criticism .
wattypappireader101 wattypappireader101 Apr 04, 2013
@13littlewolf  it was easy for me to read and plus I really liked it :)
13littlewolf 13littlewolf Mar 12, 2013
I'm sorry but this is too hard to read. Learn how to make your subject and verb agree and capitalize "I" always!! It has always been capitalized when it's used alone.