A Different Trial (A Vampire Academy Fanfic)

A Different Trial (A Vampire Academy Fanfic)

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Jess-Roza By Jess-Roza Updated Nov 14, 2014

Six weeks after the attack, three since field experience finished, and Dimitri was whipping my ass. If I had thought he had killed me when I returned I was wrong. He was doing everything possible to prepare me trials in three months. 

A midnight wake up call was a frequent occurrence. Sleep was almost nonexistent. He would even set tests where I would have to complete an obstacle course through campus to find him. Setting challenges in the woods was a favourite. No two sessions were the same. Often Alberta, Stan, Yuri, Emil, Celeste and my mother would be recruited- all at once. Nothing was impossible and any thought of 'us' was sidelined. I'd been through six weeks and had another twelve to go.

I had suffered worse from Dimitri and his cronies in the last few weeks than I had in the attack and rescue. I took whatever he threw at me without complaint.

Unless it was a break or fracture, I had banned Liss from healing me. I was still siphoning away darkness from her work on battle vic...

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