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Avery Keelan By AveryKeelan Updated Oct 23

Opposites attract- and temptation lives next door. 

After life throws Fallon Davis a curveball, she finds herself living in a dingy apartment, single-parenting her 3 year old son, and working at the dive-iest dive bar in town. Finishing school seems like an impossible dream from a lifetime ago. And dating? What's that?

Hunter Kensington has had everything handed to him. Elite boarding schools; college tuition paid in full; and a cushy job waiting for him at his father's billion-dollar mining company. Sure, his secret aspirations to play professional hockey never panned out, he can't stand his backstabbing friends and family, and he's in a toxic on-again/off-again cycle with his ex. Everything is fine, because he can numb his brain with all the distractions money can buy-until his father cuts him off. 

When Hunter finds himself living in the same rundown apartment complex as the cocktail waitress he met at the bar, sparks fly... then ignite. Fallon is attracted to her handsome, athletic neighbor but knows she'd never get serious with a trust fund brat. Hunter is intrigued by his gorgeous, jaded neighbor but knows they're from different worlds. 

Fallon has walls, and Hunter has issues. Neither's had any reason to change... until now.