Boys, Bras and Boarding School

Boys, Bras and Boarding School

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Gigi x By GraceGerrard Updated Nov 11, 2012

Luce and Elle have been taught right from wrong - after all, they attend an all girls private school, so it should be no problem when the not-so-good hotties from the all boys school next door join, right? Yeah, that's what they thought. With the thrills and spills of first crushes and relationship break-ups and make-ups, will the girls be able to discover just who they really are? Goody goodies or girls who just want to have fun?
Written by Grace Gerrard and Jess Grimmel

'Such an awesome story... Man!!! I never thought there is gonna be a twist lyk this. Pls keep going. I love it n am looking forward to more' -Akshadee

'I just finished reading it!! OMG! <3 it x' -LittleMissMoo101

'Love it soooooo much!!!!!! Just finished it!!!! I cannot believe you ended it like that!!!!!!!! I dont think i can wait for the next book! I really need to find out what happens now!!!!! :)' -MissTiahnLouise13

We are re-uploading so we get more readers! We have finished the whole book so uploads WILL BE ON TIME!!!

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LaurenWillsyxox LaurenWillsyxox Jan 05, 2015
God dammit my ex was called harry Bennett and he went to an all boys school but it wasn't a boarding school and well he was a dick but for some unknown reason I miss him so ya just basically said my life story but YOLO!!
xxWhoAteMyCookiexx xxWhoAteMyCookiexx Oct 23, 2011
@GraceGerrard *nods*
                              you should do that, divide it into chapters then upload the chapters once or twice a day. It helps you get more readers and fans. More ppl will be able to find your work with each update :)
GraceGerrard GraceGerrard Oct 23, 2011
@xxWhoAteMyCookiexx Yeah, Ne an my friend wrote it on word and when we finished it uploaded the whole thing so it's in pages instead of chapter. But I might split it into chapter if I can:)
GraceGerrard GraceGerrard Aug 04, 2011
@clashly we do have a sequel :D we've only put chapter 1 up so far but type in Boys, Bras and Boarding School Book 2 and it's got the same cover but in pink :D THANKS!!!
GraceGerrard GraceGerrard Jul 23, 2011
@xXaddictedreaderXx hehe :D we're glad you like it! I am seeing my friend on wednesday and we're considering putting up chapter 1 of the second book. what does everyone think?
xXaddictedreaderXx xXaddictedreaderXx Jul 20, 2011
Ahhh I want to know what happends so badly I really hope you guys are almost done the seconde one the wait is going to kill me!!!!!