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Guidelines Of Making A Creepypasta Oc That Does Not End Up Being A 'Mary Sue'

Guidelines Of Making A Creepypasta Oc That Does Not End Up Being A 'Mary Sue'

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❝marcus❞ By TobyTicciRogers Updated Mar 22


This was a book about how to make your cp oc better than a mary sue. This book is now discontinued. Most of this information is either false or incomplete due to its sources. The new edition to this book is not out yet, go to the chapter 'Final' to see details.

DarkSorcererLloyd DarkSorcererLloyd 4 days ago
Can the title be based off their catchphrase? Like, if the catchphrase is "They thought they could cage me up like some animal...they were VERY wrong." Or something like that, could the catchphrase be "Releasing the Animal" or something like that?
caramelhuskyy caramelhuskyy Apr 14, 2016
tbh i feel like the fanfictions w unoriginal are essentially there to say "oh hey it's a ben drowned/eyeless jack/jeff the killer/etc fanfiction"
youtubervion youtubervion Jun 01, 2016
I did actually write a creepypasta fanfiction haha on my qoutev thw ones on this account suck like i hate them.. But i titled it like who am i? But its going to be changed to Who is she because its trying to figure out where to main characters sister is and what happened to her
AngelEyesWriting913 AngelEyesWriting913 Jun 26, 2016
I named mine Welcome To The Family. Is that generic? Plz don't be generic!
myra_is_a_tactician myra_is_a_tactician Apr 13, 2016
The first suggestion is what I actually use already 😉😉 I have  an OC t
                              Who's real name is Paris Riachards   but goes by of Death Melody. So I've already got my title
To me blood on created creepypasta's r a good way to show that ur a killer,murderer,and other ones