Secrets Can't be Kept Forever

Secrets Can't be Kept Forever

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Obsessed-Not-Crazy By Obsessed-Not-Crazy Updated Aug 22, 2015

Thursday, December 16, 1991. 

The worst day of my life. 

Only after the day I was 'executed' 

Who am I? I'm Tony Stark. 

But I used to be Percy Jackson.

I don't own anything but my phone!
(And I didn't make a mistake. All confusions will be cleared up in chapter 13, Loki!)
(I don't own the cover picture.)

Is no one going to comment about the fact that Howard and Maria just REPLACED their son. After six months of his death!
                              DECEMBER 16, 1991
                              THIS MESSAGE HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO YOU BY ZEMO
Oh my gosh. Guys, #2 pencils. Because she likes #2 pencils, not pens...
Nah it's called "Crying my heart out because o-m-f-g this is so sad"
Wow, he's actually being a good father. Is anyone else getting worried?
This is the best thing ever!   On a plus side, I love joss Whedon