CreepyPasta boyfriend Scenarios! -COMPLETED-

CreepyPasta boyfriend Scenarios! -COMPLETED-

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Just some scenarios :D

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When the first sentence discribes what happened to you just the other day.
camu48 camu48 Apr 29
how the hell did he know my name? he has a knife and you worry about THAT!
SatanBelle SatanBelle Jun 28
I read the titles of all the chapters... holy shït this looks like a beautiful mess 😂
BEN:"You're kinda hot"
                              Me:"Yeah. I am.."
                              BEN:"I'll see you la-"
                              Me: *throws out ALL electronics* Nope. You won't.
                              i I HAVE A kNIfE-"
                              "What a coincidence, so do I."
Me tho becauseee..... MINE *puts him under my shirt and slowly backs away*