Alpha Jordan

Alpha Jordan

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He caressed my soft cheek with his rough hands yet so gentle whenever they touch me"Jade,my love don't leave me come back with me"

He is so vulnerable. I have never seen him like this. His eyes show lot of emotions , in which love is the most

"No Jordan! I don't want to live in a cage! I don't want to be with you",with that said I ran away.

"Jade please come back,come back to me love,please" .

Jade is human. Jordan is a werewolf.
They are mates.
But Jade is forced to be with him. His protective and possessive ways make her feel like she is a parrot in a cage.
When his parrot flies what will he do.He will definietly chase it.

You can directly go to summary of the prologues.

a/n: It is my first story. Sorry if there are any mistakes and the story is not edited. More description is in 1st chapter.

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Partypenguin16 Partypenguin16 Sep 06, 2017
Awe this is so sweet. Ur writing is a tiny bit choppy but I love the story 💙💙💙💙
Jadalovespink Jadalovespink Jul 01, 2017
The book is great! If you just fix your grammar mistakes it would be more great!
amaracarter321 amaracarter321 Oct 13, 2017
This was an amazing story! Plz make a sequel. You left us off at a cliffhanger.
Tbh, animals can be better than humans so i dont blame her😂
zenylisa176 zenylisa176 Aug 24, 2016
Seriously.......why will you let someone you don't know kiss your head