Finally Saved

Finally Saved

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Natalie By heavenly_dreams210 Updated Feb 04, 2016


"Your worthless. Nobody will ever love you"

Those were the words that Hailey Michaels heard everyday since she was nine. She wasn't  bullied. No she was something much worse... abused. What's even worse is by her own father.  Since her mother died she's been a disappointment,coward, and a nobody. When her father comes home at night he beats her till she's badly bruised. Until one day she moves,and her life takes a turn for the good.

Luke Matthews is the strongest alpha in the states. He's the player,jock, football quarter back star, and the bad boy of Riversville High School. He changed for the better when he met Hailey. Once he saw her he knew they were soul mates. But what happens when Luke finds out Hailey's secret messed up life? And finds out a huge secret about Hailey even she doesn't know? Will they still stay strong and be together ? 

Follow Hailey's and Luke's story of fear, angry, sadness, love, heartbreak, secrets. And lots of drama in Finally Saved.

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Lele_Ray Lele_Ray Jun 12, 2017
I can't say how many times I've heard fhat😂
                              Either that or the other way around
AngelH111 AngelH111 Jun 28, 2017
Never realized that but now that I see it, I can say it's true
batula_reads batula_reads Dec 26, 2017
I wear long sleeves and jogging pants on a regular day in Minnesota
TheMostAkward1 TheMostAkward1 Dec 04, 2017
Head butting someone does not benefit either one. Lol I tried once hurt like hell
fairy3tail fairy3tail Feb 03, 2017
You should never write a paragraph like this. You want slowly reveal these details through the book.
Nerdy65 Nerdy65 Jun 28, 2016
I have an aunt named➡Hai'lee⬅but she spells it like this