Secret Love Triangle

Secret Love Triangle

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"Victoria." He gasped and pulled away from her. "W-What are you doing?" He cover her body with the blanket. "What were you thinking? Your sister will kill me if she finds out about this." He rubbed his face hard in frustation while Victoria holds the blanket against her body.

"Its not what you think Justin. I didn't want this either." She cried and stood up running into the bathroom.

Justin knocks on the door but she didn't bother to even open it. He open the door and looked at her sadly. He knew that she was forced to do this. "Why did you do it? Why give your virginity to me when you don't even love me or know me well?" He asked her while brushing away the tears rolling down her blue eyes.

" M-My sister..She forced me to do it." She whispers and Justin cursed lowly. He felt bad for sleeping with his girlfriend twin sister but worst because his girlfriend forced her sister to sleep with him knowing she was a virgin.

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Lovely_Rita Lovely_Rita Aug 02, 2017
wait.. I feel like I've read this book when I was younger...
rosadior rosadior Aug 07, 2016
Thank the genies that I don't have siblings cus I would have been locked up for fuckin a bitch up
rozal05 rozal05 Jul 23, 2016
gosh emma his her sister how could she do that? and her bitch of a mother doesn't deserve her
bloszbecz bloszbecz Dec 25, 2015
cus idk why but people who names "emma" in general r nice so...haha
wafflesxcx wafflesxcx Aug 09, 2015
her family is so messed up. smh I miss her dad I feel like he was the only one nice to her
wafflesxcx wafflesxcx Aug 09, 2015
if I was him id dump her right there and then ..... #golddigger