I Love You from Alpha to Ωmega (boyxboy)

I Love You from Alpha to Ωmega (boyxboy)

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Ezra believes he will never find his mate, until he meets Blair. While Ezra is away, training to become an Alpha strong enough to lead his pack, his mother and father adopt a new son into their home. When Ezra returns home, he worries about competition from his new brother, Blair, for both his title and his parent’s love and affection. It comes as a complete surprise to him that Blair is interested in neither. The small, skittish shifter is just a little neko, and above all, Ezra’s mate. 
     Ezra becomes concerned when his parents, the current Alpha and Luna of his pack, explain to him what little they know about Blair’s devastating past. At first Ezra believes his only obstacle is to get his mate to accept him, but as Blair’s previous life comes to light, blindsiding the rocky couple, Ezra realizes he may have bit off more than he can chew. Ezra hopes his unconditional love for Blair will guide him in his quest to avenge his mate’s honor. Follow Ezra and Blair as together they learn to trust in each other and develop a relationship unlike any other.

"I love you."
"How Much?" He breathlessly questioned.
"From A to Z, from Alpha to Omega." I confessed sincerely.

*A/N: Please note, this is a boyxboy story. If you don't like the genre, please don't read it. Hate comments are NOT appreciated. Thank you! :)

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PineSolBaby PineSolBaby Jul 28, 2017
Dang your description is amazing i will look foward to the rest of the book😁
Ereriwillalsobeotp Ereriwillalsobeotp Jun 06, 2017
I heard my mom and her bf doing it in her bedroom. my room was next to hers
-TheQueenOfAllShips- -TheQueenOfAllShips- Jun 09, 2017
I caught my gay older brother having sex with his boyfriend like two times (he bottoms cause he tiny) and yeah🙃🔫
-TheQueenOfAllShips- -TheQueenOfAllShips- Jun 09, 2017
Do you hear that sound?
                              That's the sound of my panties dropping
Hopp_and_BunBun Hopp_and_BunBun 3 days ago
Everyone has an anecdote and I was just going to quote Welcome to the Black Parade