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Purchased for a Million Bucks

Purchased for a Million Bucks

12.7K Reads 220 Votes 4 Part Story
Star. By STAR2013 Updated Mar 03, 2012

Amelia Sara Roselyn, lives in a futuristic time where every year a family has to give away a female as a sacrafice for the others. Amelia,unfortunately, was the choosen one for her family. All the sacrafices are gathered together and then auctioned off yearly to rich men to be sold as slaves. These men use these poor women for the most horrible of things. Amelia thinks shes heading down the same desperet road, but to her suprise a young man, Anthony Valentino buys her at the auction for a $1 million dollars, which is triple the value of what these girls are sold for. What exactly does this man want from her?

  • amelia
  • billionaire
  • charlotte
  • love
  • lía
  • master
  • money
  • shimei
  • slave
  • star
  • stargirlxox