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My brother My mate

My brother My mate

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Frenchfries and Burgers ~ By KeepClamAndSwag Completed

Woods and fresh air.
The smell of my mate I followed the scent of him into the Beta's study room, why was he there was he talking to my brother?
As I reached the door it opened and there stood my brother his forest green eyes staring into my brown ones, we both looked at each other in shock.
"Lu-luke." I stuttered he cleared his throat and sighed shaking his head "I Luke Skywalker, Beta of the Blue moon pack reject you, Lily Skywalker." and then he was gone leaving me to stare at an lonely white wall.
It was then when reality came crashing down I had just been rejected by my Mate, not only that but my own brother.

mmikeyy mmikeyy May 28, 2016
OM LMFAOO LUKE SKYWALKER. LFAMFDA LOOOL okay i'm sorry it's a sad book.....
B_I_T_C_H_O_L_O_G_Y B_I_T_C_H_O_L_O_G_Y Nov 27, 2016
Honey there's this cool app called wattpad I'm pretty sure you might know some of those people who got rejected
mitalene mitalene Apr 28, 2016
Ok I am in L...O....V.....E WITH THAT SONG  but slow it sounds so much better wow
rock4ever24 rock4ever24 Dec 29, 2015
I know the obvious star wars reference... But is there one fan of the 100 Finn Collins aka space walker