Be With You  (a BTS jungkook fanfic)

Be With You (a BTS jungkook fanfic)

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PreciousGirl236 By PreciousGirl236 Updated Oct 11, 2014

there was a girl named Ji aya she is half Korean half american and she love music and there jungkook, jungkook had feelings for Ji aya but on my next chapter jungkook will be falling in love from the new girl.
wat will Ji aya do let's find out wat is the start of the story to the end and will Ji aya live happyliy ever after?

JuliahNash JuliahNash Sep 01, 2017
Which part? The part that you just intertwined fingers with me or the garden? 😂😂😂😂😂
-jxoooo -jxoooo Jun 26, 2017
Buttttttttteeeeerrrrrrrflllllllllyyyyyy likkkkkeeeeeeee aaaaaaa butttttttttttteeerrrrrrrrrfffffffllllly mmmmmmaaaacccccccchi bbbbuuuuutttterfffffllllllly bu buttttterrrrrrflllllllu chereooooooommmmmmmmmm~~
alyannalovejungkook alyannalovejungkook May 17, 2015
ah.....jinjayo........super kilig much likes can I have a book of this story ah........I'm so hanga na sa'yo nagawa lahat nang ito beacuse you are fans of kookie are you A.R.M.Y. of bts??      :)