Rejected and Rare

Rejected and Rare

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Crystal White is an omega in her pack.  She is bullied because she is blamed for her parents death. She is also bullied because she has not shifted and she is 15, when everyone else shifted at the age of 13. Also because she rather read than go to a party or the mall. She rather go to the library than chill with friends.  Not that she had any...

Blake Moon is the soon to be alpha. He is the 16 year old player and the most popular boy at school. He is among the others that bully Crystal. He is destined to find his mate tomorrow, his 17th birthday.

When Blake finds out his mate is none other than Crystal White,  what will he do? Read to find out!

Haha 😂 sorry but my names is James,James bond hehe.. okay I'll stop now sorry
                                            Love your book 
                              Okay byeeeee 👋🏽
rejected_mate rejected_mate Apr 20, 2016
                              This is some cruel joke I swear. Goddess Irene really?! Of all the names too... This is like the 3rd book I found with my name.
                              I'm still reading this.....
punch-a-dolphin punch-a-dolphin Mar 09, 2016
I hope you realise that moonshine is a type of alcohol that's often made illegally
SunriseTaSunset SunriseTaSunset Dec 21, 2015
Harsh... Why would they blame her? Have some empathy for her situation!! People these days... 😩
bluebunny1000 bluebunny1000 Oct 18, 2015
Wtf guys she's 8 and her parents did what they had to do! Protect their cub!
ella7733 ella7733 Jan 06, 2015
first thing i thought ehen i saw the cover photo....AVATAR!!