The Dreamer

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Mark Schmoyer By markschmoyer Updated 3 years ago
Travis Ryland explores a tunnel underneath Crescent Springs University. Afterwards, he starts having dreams fortelling future murders by a killer named, "The Fallen Angel". Can Travis's dreams save the victims before they're dead?
I didnt read it but the description I read this reminds me of the show "Day Break" But the guys days keep repeating so he knows whats going to happen and he saves the lives of victims before, the killer can get to them.
It's actually a series of horror movies, but the really weird and violet. haha
From reading the description it kind of sounds like Final Destination, but I'm sure it will be different and better!
Really good! Can't wait for you to upload the next chapters. This reminds me of Angels & Demons by Dan Brown with the cults and tunnels :)
Woo =] you should put the cover I made or it up too xD! I love it!!
Wow, this is kind of scary. But it is pretty good. Very creative.