Niall Centric One-Shots

Niall Centric One-Shots

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⚡️ By astoundingwonderland Updated Dec 22, 2016

The One With.....

Mini stories about Niall Horan and the rest of the One Direction Boys.

Including: Kidfics, Au's and much more.


'I've been reading all your stories for the last hour, you're super talented! :)' ~ElmoFitzgerald

'Oh my god this was soooo cute <3 and I love how you make all your chapter titles like they do for the episodes of FRIENDS. That's one of my favourite shows." ~Throughthedark97

'Dude, did I ever tell you how much I love you? Because it's a lot, thank you so much, this was really cute and so well written." ~Just-girl-Asthon

'I'm already rocking back and forth in anticipation of the next chapter!" ~qwert11223344

'This was friggan precious." ~InsanityIsBetter

'*explodes because this is so cute* ' ~Awkwardly_Here (aka the Nutella dude)

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Hahahaha that's really funny 😂 you should post the real ending now.
Exiolet Exiolet Mar 20
Ummm... I thought it was KIA... ya know? Killed in Action? I could be wrong, of course, but I don't think DIA is a thing.
The_Ipliers The_Ipliers Dec 24, 2016
I f*cking knew this would happen! Stop messing with my feelings!😭😭
ellenmaria14 ellenmaria14 Apr 17, 2016
My favourite author ❤️ a silent reader usually but I got an account to vote for your book in the awards thing!
stampylovescake23 stampylovescake23 Sep 02, 2016
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