My Brother's Best Friend/Bad Boy (Book 1)

My Brother's Best Friend/Bad Boy (Book 1)

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"Wow Kitten you act like a tiger" He Teased "Shut up" I said blushing "No can do Kitten" He smirked
Meet Kassie Pitman. She has two brothers and 1 sister.

Her Brother James best friend is the bad boy of the school and also Kassie's best friends brother.

Meet Kyle Kingsley. He is the bad boy of the school. He loves to tease Kassie when his little sister, Claire and James isn't around. Kyle is over protective of Claire and surprises Kassie when he is over protective over her when James isn't around.

What happens when Kyle finds out a secret that Kassie's family & Claire are the only ones that knows about Kassie? 

What happens when Kyle and Claire's parents go out of town and they have to stay with the Pitman's?

What happens when Claire goes out without Kassie and James goes out without Kyle and Kyle & Kassie have to stay home together?

I am sorry i am kind of horrible at these things so Please read this story!!

Omg I'm a badass too, since I wear jeans and a shirt all the time