Loving Her Soul [Book 1 of Loving Her Trilogy]

Loving Her Soul [Book 1 of Loving Her Trilogy]

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aroxiah By aroxiah Updated Sep 22

Ruhee loves traveling. She can go wherever she wants and explore the world. No one tells her what to do. She decides for herself and she's been independent for two years. No parents. No friends. No pets. No permanent home. A nobody. 

Joachim loves partying . A medical technology student who lives alone in a big house. He loves to hang out with his friends and have fun till dawn. A typical boy who explores a lot when it comes to women. No rules. No warnings. Just freedom. 

Ruhee decided to explore Cebu and ended up with the big house that captivated her. Apparently, as she roamed around the house, she accidentally witnessed Joachim's own exploration with the naked woman. He was in rage and asked her to leave and when Ruhee did not move. He stood up and grabbed her but..

His hand went through her. 

Like you've seen from the movies, yes, this is a story between a man and woman. A woman that will change a man. A woman who will turn the table upside down. And yes, a woman who is a GHOST.