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crumpy By rabbit-holes Completed

two strangers.

two eccentric personalities.

two large, lonely hearts.

and one anonymous chatroom.

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| cover by @obsessions- |

PotterheadAnvi PotterheadAnvi Jul 14, 2016
Excuse me as I go into a corner and cry! (TONKS DIED! WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT ME?;)
TanaMongeau18 TanaMongeau18 Dec 27, 2016
*slowly cries while doing the three finger hunger games salute*
Serenity-writes Serenity-writes Mar 30, 2016
Ok I already love u and hate u y remind me of such a lovely person?
Sharanja-dz Sharanja-dz Sep 03, 2014
Wow you are simply in love with cliff hangers aren't you? :) Anywhooo I love it already. Well the idea at least... So far. Can't wait for it to be updated :) x