Trees and seas of love

Trees and seas of love

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TheRoseGardener By TheRoseGardener Updated Sep 04, 2014

Ah the forests

With their trees

Could be for us

Dark canopies

Spotted with stars. 

They could be ours 

To sleep beneath

Or make love for hours.

The sandy beach

The quiet one

Where no eyes reach

But our own.

Lonely places,

Where we may escape

And free our faces,

Those expressive slaves.

And in a wave beside the shore

We may hold hands in the roar

Of the waves crashing against the land

And love each other despite our mores.

And all our cares

May like weak knots loosen

And everything, in love, we dare to bear;

For love, by love, chosen.

Wake me in the morning.

Tell me to

Love you.

We can awake each morning

And look into each other's eyes,

Holding each other's warm bodies close,

And letting out soft knowing sighs.

And we can stand close together,

Beneath hot water in the shower

And press our warm lips together,

And with our bodies, each other's embower.

And we can walk during the day

On hot boardwalks beside the bay.

And we can hold each other's hand,


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