(Ticci-Toby x Reader)

(Ticci-Toby x Reader)

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Jan3_the_kill3r By Jan3_the_kill3r Updated Jun 03, 2016

WARNING! Slow updates.

(Y/N) is not your typical, girly teen.
You suffer from a twitching disorder, and can not feel pain.
For you, life sucks, you have no one to rely on and everyone hates you.
In the small town you live in, you are known as 'The Twitch Freak'

"LOOK MAMA, IT'S THE TWITCH FREAK!" A little girl screamed out loud in the store.

The little girls mother looks up at you with a disgusted face. "Don't look at her sweetie, you might catch her disorder." She scolds her daughter.

"Sorry mama..." the little girl spoke in a quiet tone while her mother dragged her away.

For you, life couldn't get any worse. . .or so you thought.

{In the process of editing old chapters and making new ones.}

Raven_Elaine Raven_Elaine Nov 19, 2016
I know that Pluto and Hades are the Greek and Roman names, but I can't remember which one is Greek and which one is Roman.
NightshadeTheReaper NightshadeTheReaper Dec 19, 2016
I normally never get in trouble in school   because I'm one of the quite kids.
milkymoo123 milkymoo123 Oct 23, 2016
I just noticed that the girl on the cover of tke book is kirigiri from danganronpa XD
ThatEmoNerd ThatEmoNerd Nov 29, 2016
I want to see how people feel when this happens to them! I just twitch a little, but not enough to be a disorder
AshleyV3402 AshleyV3402 Jan 19
*Hits her on head with a brick* CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT I HAVE A FUDGING DISORDER YOU A**WIPE!!!
Dont look this way dont look that way  look me in my face and tell me that-