Temporary Monsters

Temporary Monsters

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Burning Effigy Press By BurningEffigyPress Completed

Felix Renn is a private investigator in a supernatural world, an alternate reality where a dark dimension called The Black Lands co-exists alongside our own. Travelling to and from The Black Lands is dangerous - and illegal - but that doesn`t stop some of the creatures that reside there from crossing over into our world from time to time. 

After a man goes berserk in a posh Toronto restaurant, Felix suddenly finds himself torn between both worlds as he is drawn into a deadly game of movies, murder and monsters,


TEMPORARY MONSTERS, by horror scribe IAN ROGERS, was first published in 2009 by Burning Effigy Press. We have decided to release this story free online to introduce more readers to detective Felix Renn and the supernatural dimension known as The Black Lands. TEMPORARY MONSTERS has spawned a number of sequels, including THE ASH ANGELS, BLACK-EYED KIDS and THE BRICK. All of which are included upcoming collection, SUPERNOIRTURAL TALES, which is being released in November 2012. For information on ordering the book, please visit http://burningeffigy.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=102&Itemid=115 And to learn more about The Black Lands, click on over to theblacklands.com.