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"Her name was Lyra and she stole hearts because she didn't have one of her own."

In which Lyra Greene steals twenty seven hearts- all to the music of a different song.

(needs to be edited and rewritten really bad. like you don't even understand.)

cuyotupac cuyotupac May 14, 2016
Since everyone keep commenting this book on The Undoing of Ryder Burke i had to read it 😛
WillHerondale- WillHerondale- Aug 27, 2016
How ironic, I just finished reading Steal Your Heart by @Pingoodle
ImEleonoraRose ImEleonoraRose Nov 09, 2016
Im a rereader, and I can honestly say, this book knick me to my core. It made me feel so mssny things, I felt hollow. Such an amazing book
ForgottenDreams24 ForgottenDreams24 Dec 02, 2016
This is the second time I'm reading this book and I know I will not be disappointed!
_theult _theult Dec 18, 2016
I'm a rereader and I've read this book when I'm feeling weirdly empty. Not that it matters to anyone but
The--Weirdd-o The--Weirdd-o Nov 05, 2016
Lie-ra or Learah that's is the real question. My name is Lyra and I pronounce it like Learah but people think lots Lie-ra all the freaking time