The Flower That Will Someday Wilt |Naruto Fanfic|

The Flower That Will Someday Wilt |Naruto Fanfic|

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Itami, a blue haired girl, is the 'The Angel's Flower' in all the rogues' bingo book. Though, no one knows who she is or how she looks like, presumedly she is always in her ANBU ROOT uniform. But, once she uses her jutsus, they know right away. 

"T-hat p-paper w-wings. Y-you're the A-angel's F-flower!" 

Soon, she enrolls in the Academy, having had defied Danzo whilst Yamato and Kakashi had to come to the rescue. She worked in Lord Third's ANBU for two years until Kakashi had suggested she should start over in the Academy. She took the offer hesitantly, being placed on Team 7 and falling for Mr.Superiority Complex during her journey of starting over.

"It's the Angel's Flower! Let's take the bounty! She looks weak!" 

She grows close to Naruto, Sakura, even the Great Almighty Uchiha Sasuke. But what happens when she's not who she thinks she is? 
When she finds out the truth? 
Meets somewhat familiar people? 

Is Itami even her real name? 

Neji x Oc

*2ND Place In Anime Watty Awards Winter 2014/15, Naruto Category*

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Omg this made me laugh so hard. But lol i honestly like mary sues, when they're written well and the story's good.
Me af at least you don't go to sleep at 8 in the mroning sleep till 12:00  then read fanfiction again and sooo the circle repeats. And when i hage school i only get 2 to 3 hours of sleep SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK TEAM
Ok can i just say i freaking love your profile pic doe. d.o is bae af.
Thanks for the warning, but I'm still gonna read this, 'cause this sounds interesting.
Why did you decide to publish this story if you "hate" it? (Please answer)
You sound like a person I would be good friends with, Author-sama~