Those Mismatched Eyes (BoyxBoyxBoy)

Those Mismatched Eyes (BoyxBoyxBoy)

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Mrs. Tumnus By YaoiLuvr4Lyf Completed

Asher Fitzgerald is the King of Secrets. He knows everybody's most treasured secret, the secrets that could ruin relationships - whether they're family relationships, friendships or full of romance.

Nobody knows his, though. Nobody knows what Asher goes through the second he steps foot inside his house, nobody knows the turmoil he goes through when thinking of solutions for his own issues. He's alone in the world and he's grown used to it. He doesn't need anybody. 

Tyler Dane and Dylan Gray are both hiding their own secrets. Tyler's will ruin his reputation between his friends and family, while Dylan's will ruin his reputation with his girlfriend and his basketball team. Both have fought tooth and nail to keep themselves secluded. 

Will all that be ruined with one eventful detention class?

*If you want a ridiculously fast paced novel where one minute they're enemies and the next basically screwing, well, this is the book for you (my amateur writing allowed for this to happen, and I don't have the time to fix it just yet, so please go in braced)*

[Book One]
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My school goes from 730 to 2 10, we have 35 mins for lunch somewhat over  6 hours
Me: *takes this the wrong way and starts screeching while doing something that strongly resembles a drunk toddler doing a rain dance*
I've seen so many stories about boyxboy werewolves and they're not my thing, so if this "the same way I think about all of my prey" has to do something with that, adios 😂
JZtheQueen JZtheQueen Mar 31
AYE!! If I knew EVERYONE'S deepest darkest secret(s) I would blackmail everybody and take over the world........ ain't nobody gonna disrespect me
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I hate presenting.
                              But, then again, what if your future employer is all like, “Yo, I need you to give this presentation to the board for bla bla bla”
                              If you’d never practiced with Alice in Wonderland, you wouldn’t even know what to do.
*eats the giant chocolate bunny I got for easter and watches*