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Project Demigod (a Percico fanfic)

Project Demigod (a Percico fanfic)

47.5K Reads 2.2K Votes 40 Part Story
Emily Castellan By bookworm210 Updated Jan 15

When Nico Di Angelo is kidnapped by Greek terrorist, Kronos, a mysterious secret agent comes the rescue. But protecting him is a challenge as the agent is wanted dead by multiple spy agencies. Now Nico and the ex-spy who only goes by the codename 'Percy Jackson' must work together and stop Kronos, all while uncovering the dark secrets of something Percy left called the Demigod Program. AU.

NicoGhostQueen NicoGhostQueen Dec 06, 2016
There's a typo its supposed to be 'blue turtleneck' don't worry I know it was an honest mistake😘😘😂
NicoGhostQueen NicoGhostQueen Dec 06, 2016
I read it like 'And this is the story of how Percy Jackson.....WHAT THE FADOODLECAKES?!?!'
ShatteringThe4thWall ShatteringThe4thWall Sep 18, 2016
I accidentally read the "I'm totally kidding part before the " Percy Jackson died," so I wasn't freaking out XD
635nina 635nina Oct 27, 2016
*dies of heart attack* Wait what he's not going to die.....😵
635nina 635nina Oct 27, 2016
Is it weird that the first time I read black turtleneck I read blue turtleneck?
--Foxie-- --Foxie-- Oct 28, 2016
Ok this is really off topic but me and a friend were talking about how great of a spy tonks from Harry Potter would be