She's Such A Nerd

She's Such A Nerd

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Emaline is what would be considered a nerd. She dedicates herself to her schoolwork and books rather than socializing. She doesn't have many friends, but she's not an outcast by any means. She's in the middle. Emmy has more to her than everyone could imagine. She prefers to stay under the radar, knowing her home life could potentially put her in the spotlight. She doesn't want that.

When she's partnered up with Jake, who's known as one of the popular guys, she knows this project won't be easy. But they say don't judge a book by it's cover.

[Cover by: silentXscreamer]

Lol where i live if u dont have a pool u live on the coast ur not spoilt if u have one
xoxoxq xoxoxq Apr 21
My mom has a huge pool but my siblings are not spoiled. The pool is inground and it's not lined or anything it's just like cement or rock
rock4ever24 rock4ever24 Aug 13
Question to anyone, it's easy to do both things however if ur really into the song, am I the only occasionally writing lyrics
Describes me perfectly apart from the only child part. Sadly I have 3 sisters
I have a pool but I'm not spoiled , at least I think, are you spoiled if you have a pool?
Emmax03 Emmax03 Apr 03
I can't do two things at the same time 
                              Well I can't do homework all together tho