The Alien Heiress

The Alien Heiress

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In a downtrodden domed city on the icy moon of Titan, Jaxon Hadis loves playing human and enjoys his job as a gigolo. His fun is interrupted when his father sends him on an important mission for their people. This puts him in the path of Zyrina Grayson, daughter of the deceased legendary punk rocker, Blane Grayson. As their growing relationship upsets the business interests of her handlers, a deadly turn of events changes the course of their futures and draws in the watchful eye of a malevolent alien force.

c. 2019, 2020



Mo cheann = My one
Leannán = Lover
Mo ghrá = My Lover 
Mo grá = My Love 
de mo chroí = of my heart
Is breá liom tú = I love you. 
Le do thoil = Please

Beo liom agus bí liom go do.
Live with me and be mine forever

Ná fág mé anseo liom féin.
Do not leave me here alone.

Go raibh maith agat mo ghrá.
Thank you my love.

Úinéir mo chroí agus m'anam.
Owner of my heart and soul.

Go dtí go impigh mé tú a stopadh.
Until I beg you to stop.

Slán mo ghrá = Goodbye, my love.

Cé go raibh mo shaol gearr, bhí sé níos fearr go mbeadh tú ann.
Though my life was short, it was better for having you in it. 

~ I believe the above to be correct, however... Google Translate. ~