It's harder on earth then it is in heaven

It's harder on earth then it is in heaven

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Angel was created as an archangel but no one knew it other than the angels and her father god.

God treats Angel like a human father would with love and compassion not fairness and equality like he treats the other angels.

Angel's life is difficult though because her wings weren't whit they were grey. Every angels wings were different but they were all white except for Angel's.

Angel asks her for the one thing she wants the most, true love but her soul mates not human he's a werewolf and an alpha of the strongest pack.

Angel has to go through the dangers of being the alphas mate, but what happens when the fallen angels find out that she's on earth and has all her angel powers? And will her best friends keep her from showing her.

kianajugs_102 kianajugs_102 Oct 28, 2016
let this be a warning never ever ever mix water and baking soda together unless you want it to erupt like a volcano :0    i was just trying to make some paper mache glue :(
mom2three87 mom2three87 Feb 10, 2015
The different points of view add a unique dimension to the story. Awesome 8-}