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Abduction (boyxboyxboy) *completed* *undergoing editing*

Abduction (boyxboyxboy) *completed* *undergoing editing*

419K Reads 16.7K Votes 20 Part Story
On a new account! By Xhands_on_meX Completed

Zachary is just a normal 15 year old boy.
Nobody notices him or pays attention
To him... Or so he thinks. 
When the rest of his family leaves for 
A family vacation, zach's stuck staying home for the week to house sit. 
But when stalkers start showing themselves, and things happen to him that nobody else can say has even heard of, it makes Zachary wonder. Is he 
Even a human himself? Or is 
He something 

(Props to SeikaPheonix for the awesome cover. Be sure to follow her!! She's amazing, I know you'll love her :3)

*undergoing editing*

Mudkip2604 Mudkip2604 2 days ago
THATS ME RIGHT NOW I SWEAR.except I just woke up at 7 from a nap
bdjskakaak bdjskakaak Jan 27
Same it's (he)  is my best friend and closest friend of mine
the read the summary for the sequel ad let's say I was not disappointed
I'm addicted to you / hooked on your love like a powerful drug/ that I can't get enough of / lost in your eyes / drowning in (forgot the word, blue I think?) / out of control / oh what can I do / I'm addicted to you
bdjskakaak bdjskakaak Jan 27
When the tags includes #stalking I just wasn't able to resist the temptation to read this it is so hard to find a book that involves obsession thriller stalking etc in BL books
Axalienxchild Axalienxchild 2 days ago
Dont get mad at me but.....bish what? Bish what? *bang bang* bish what?