Abduction (boyxboyxboy) *completed* *undergoing editing*

Abduction (boyxboyxboy) *completed* *undergoing editing*

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On a new account! By Xhands_on_meX Completed

Zachary is just a normal 15 year old boy.
Nobody notices him or pays attention
To him... Or so he thinks. 
When the rest of his family leaves for 
A family vacation, zach's stuck staying home for the week to house sit. 
But when stalkers start showing themselves, and things happen to him that nobody else can say has even heard of, it makes Zachary wonder. Is he 
Even a human himself? Or is 
He something 

(Props to SeikaPheonix for the awesome cover. Be sure to follow her!! She's amazing, I know you'll love her :3)

*undergoing editing*

Are they actually like blood brothers or is one adopted or something????
Despair_Writing Despair_Writing 6 days ago
DON'T FORGET TO USE CONDOMS WHEN YOU DESTROY HIM!  And be gentle...it might be his first time....
DogxCat DogxCat Sep 03
Me too as soon as I read the tags I knew this was for me 😉😊
After reading the phrase "successfully showing off his very large package." I went back to Story Info and checked for Incest tag. 😏
DarkPoet022 DarkPoet022 Oct 31
Awkward_Bro Awkward_Bro Sep 19
Phone: Noooo... why didn't you save me??? 
                              Him: Oh well. My hot brother just made out with me.