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Kakashi's daughter, is in love with Kiba!? (naruto fanfic)

Kakashi's daughter, is in love with Kiba!? (naruto fanfic)

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Lucy By annimefreakxx Completed

This is a story about a girl who Kakashi found and was supposed to kill. But he felt something about that girl was special so he took her in as his own daughter. She grows up to be very strong with a very unique power. She had met Kiba when she was younger and they are good friends. But she's always felt something more for him. But what will happening when the Hokage gives her an almost impossible mission? She has to leave everyone and everything behind. Can she do it? Save the world?

A/N: Ok so I've had the idea for this fanfic in my head for ages and I'm finally publishing it! Also I've kinda stopped watching Naruto so when it gets nearer to the end, I've got my own ending in mind so yeah. Anyways please read this story! I've worked pretty hard on it and I really would love some feedback!!

KyoSoma6 KyoSoma6 May 07
mouseykitty mouseykitty May 31
Please tell me this mission isn't going the way I think it is 😥
He's going to have to grow another pair if he wants to tell Kakashi.
And when Kiba told him, Kiba was Never seen again and Kakashi skipped down a yellow brick road.
KyoSoma6 KyoSoma6 May 07
* yells to no one in particular * STUPID DIRTY MIND!!! * hits head repeatedly on a wall *
Tsume : I wonder where Kiba is?
                              Kiba : *sneezes* Dammit Mom.
                              Tsume : I HEAR YOU *runs to him* Am i interupptingg something
                              Kiba : Actually Yes.