Is there more?

Is there more?

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Melody's view


My annoying stepsister yelled at the top of her lungs. 

GAH I just wanted to sleep in one Saturday morning. 

I sighed. 

I slouched out of bed and headed towards her room.

 "What do you want Stella?" I grouched. 

"Why the hell didn't my alarm go off! Did you mess with it?! i slept in and i need to shower and i have to be there in 30 mins.I'm going to run late!" 

I rolled my eyes. 

"Why the hell would I mess it? I don't give a crap when you leave. I try to stay away from you remember? I was looking forward to you being gone this morning." 

I pointed at the clock. "I would just leave now and leave me in peace." 

She groaned. "Whatever, I'll get you back when I get home." 

I went outside to check the mail. 




....What's this? 

I screamed. 

I ran back inside and threw on some black ripped skinny jeans with a plain red muscle tank along with a plain black beanie. I grabbed my skateboard and headed towards Calum's house. 


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