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His Abused Mate

His Abused Mate

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Mystic Willows By MysticWillows Updated Mar 22

Teenage werewolf Elaina Wilson has been tortured for the majority of her life, by people she once trusted and loved. Her pack, her father and Alpha, everyone. Scars cover her body, as well as her emotions and memory. Her heart, as torn and cracked as it is, has abandoned all hope of love, but still manages to fill her body with complete sadness. She can't look anyone in the eye, or make physical contact without flinching. But she doesn't need any comfort, she's abandoned any prospect of someone loving her again, she doesn't want anyone to love her.
She wants an escape, a safe haven to run to. She doesn't want any friends, and is terrified of the idea of having a mate, because she feels that they would only hurt her. She simply wants to be left alone, because all she's ever known is pain. Her memories of abuse traumatize her, and her happy memories taunt her. She doesn't want to even try making new, happier memories. She considers happiness a lost cause for her.
Will she change her mind when she meets the handsome alpha of a neighboring pack, Xavier, and discovers he's her mate?
Or will her fright and depression completely consume her?

All Rights Reserved, no stealing please.
Cover credits to @undersize, thank you so much!
Anyone interested in making a cover or fan art can send it to me through DM :) Thanks for reading!

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LermIEworm LermIEworm 6 days ago
If i had to move to a diffrent state or city. I would just keep to myself. Most people at my school don't like me anyways. But im glad i have my friends
"I don't want any friends, but they're nice to me, which i guess is okay." That was my middle school friendship
Haha I got one...
                              *cough cough* continue please,
Pain and fear are similar, both could cause some to run and forget or stay and pray for it to end.
Itzbella00 Itzbella00 Apr 21
From all this abuse because of her family make  me wanna cry