The Guy Named Austin(BWWM)

The Guy Named Austin(BWWM)

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Lennylover143 By Lennylover143 Updated Nov 15, 2014

Kimberly Jones was an average African American 23 year old woman who didn't really have a normal relationship untill a guy named Austin came around.

Austin Riley was just your topical asshole who guys hated but had women under his charming spell. He was a player and couldn't keep a girl because all they wanted was money and sex. He acually decided one day that he will continue on with his jackass ways...until he met Kim.

Will these two find a way to put aside their differences and love each other? Or will they both decide that they do not work out for each other?
Read to find out.

(This story is about a black woman and a white man. If you have a problem...don't read it....but you still should because you'll love it.)

KatieClar KatieClar Jan 07
What’s with the terrible attitude- generally if you bump into a total stranger you say an apology and carry on... Is there really a need to point out everyone’s skin colour... smh
Angielb73 Angielb73 Jun 09, 2017
Sorry I started to read it's book to late it seems like a short book to love to read BWWM books so I'm going to like
ThailynnHenley ThailynnHenley Sep 06, 2017
Dude. I would have been all types embarrassed 😂😂😂😂😂
bowsdowntokamari bowsdowntokamari Jul 31, 2017
Boy u better keep that monster on a leash before it meets jackie chan
JANAEKAY229 JANAEKAY229 Feb 15, 2017
OK let me get my flops (only funny if you saw Kevin Hart's movie what now)😂😂
- - Feb 28, 2016
I hate blushing... it's awkward walking around with a red face, ears and chest