The Guy Named Austin(BWWM)

The Guy Named Austin(BWWM)

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Lennylover143 By Lennylover143 Updated Nov 15, 2014

Kimberly Jones was an average African American 23 year old woman who didn't really have a normal relationship untill a guy named Austin came around.

Austin Riley was just your topical asshole who guys hated but had women under his charming spell. He was a player and couldn't keep a girl because all they wanted was money and sex. He acually decided one day that he will continue on with his jackass ways...until he met Kim.

Will these two find a way to put aside their differences and love each other? Or will they both decide that they do not work out for each other?
Read to find out.

(This story is about a black woman and a white man. If you have a problem...don't read it....but you still should because you'll love it.)

fangirl4510 fangirl4510 Feb 09
but not every black person in America is African American though fam.... but you still stuck up for your peeps so thats A1
Amhj89 Amhj89 Feb 28
I'm sorry I'm not responsible for anybody but myself and my child... to ask or expect someone to be I'd asinine
KingCarter16 KingCarter16 2 days ago
I still don't understand why "African Americans"  can't be called black
capndred capndred Dec 03
TBH me tho like I have no problem with weave I wear like box braids  occasionally but I don't like anything else my hair is long enough and natural lol
That's right you need to check people like that 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
cutestuffnainai cutestuffnainai Oct 25, 2015
I would say get that bich but u was calling her fake in ur mind