Twenty odd snippets about ...

Twenty odd snippets about ...

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wizzobravo By wizzobravo Updated Sep 02, 2014

Put up a few facts about yourself.  I was strongarmed into this by two lovely individuals, @JoyCronje and @StephenMerlinoAbbot

Try it yourself and tag someone today.

Pontificating is fun and I love to do it.

Thinking about the pontificating I have done the following day is gut churningly embarrassing.  I always vow to never do it again.

I have a poor memory.  My wife finds this maddening.  I find it liberating.  Everyday is a surprise!

As I have gotten older, I have become more liberal in my outlook on the world.  When I look on other men of my age, I see only choleric demeanours and hear only worryingly right wing dogmatism. 

I have travelled widely in my youth and I have loved the experience.  The one constant that there is in the world is that most people are welcoming and hospitable, wherever you go.  Why then are there so many people who are afraid?

Kittens are profoundly entertaining.  Demented and determined, there is nothing quite like a kitten for reducing an adult huma...

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ShelleyBurbank ShelleyBurbank Apr 09, 2015
Love the description of the chicken! Ps: I think you have a memoir in you. Do you write personal narrative? Great voice and style! Of course, I'm also middle-aged and interested in second, third, fourth careers and such. Great essay:)
LaraBlunte LaraBlunte Feb 25, 2015
Chickens like vultures, demented kittens and Errol Flynn...what's not to love
DeborahWalker7 DeborahWalker7 Dec 30, 2014
There's great fodder for your writer's bio here.  Thanks, this made me smile
jinkynaranjooraiz jinkynaranjooraiz Nov 29, 2014
i'm a teacher and we have chickens too, this made me smile :)
cursedmouth cursedmouth Oct 12, 2014
That bird! It looks like Anzu! Going by the comments, I think you lose this one to the bird.
AnnWrites AnnWrites Oct 07, 2014
Thank you for writing this and thanks to your two friends who dragged you into writing this! Every line made me laugh!