Jelsa in High School

Jelsa in High School

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Moon Inkwell By Cold_Matchmaker Completed

Book 1

Elsa is always the quiet girl. People make fun of her because of her white hair and the fact that she loves to read romance stories, not to mention that her parents are dead. So Elsa never talks to anyone. But all of that changes in her high school year, for better or for worse.

Jack is sort of like a bully. He's one of the cool kids. He jokes, doesn't pay attention in class, and loves pranks. But when he meets the orphaned girl with white hair, instead of joining in on picking on her, he finds himself defending her. And with this comes the invitation to join the guardians. The only catch? To be a guardian, you can't have emotional connections. So who will it be? Elsa, or the guardians? Or is there some way to do both?

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kimeunae7 kimeunae7 Apr 27, 2017
msblackprincess01 msblackprincess01 Sep 12, 2017
well my friend here were always like "what are you looking at" or "what the fV€k dude get the fV€< out of my sight!"
JustForTheSummer JustForTheSummer May 17, 2017
                              GRAVITY FALLS!!
                              DIPPER, MABEL, GRUNKLE STAN AND FORD! SOOS, WENDY, BILL!!
                              DIPPER! You are my bæ 
                              You are only mine 
                              MASON "DIPPER" PINES  is MY ONE and ONLY!
                              So DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT STEALING HIM AWAY!
chocolate_croissants chocolate_croissants Mar 29, 2017
Why did I imagine when Clank and Bobble were showing Tinkerbell around
chocolate_croissants chocolate_croissants Mar 29, 2017
Some just a bit nerdier than other (lol not even ⬆ a word)